Did God set me up for sorrow?
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Some paths I’ve taken in life with a confirmation that Heavenly Father supports me :) and some of those paths have led to sorrow :( I experienced that recently in a way that made me ask… Did Heavenly Father guide me … Read More

His way
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There are so many ways I try to find happiness. Many bring temporary happiness, and some bring lasting joy :) My HWN recently has been pondering on Christ as the way to happiness :) A few days ago, this sentence stuck … Read More

Why do I have to…?
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A lot of things in life cause me to wonder why… Why do I have to wait so long for…? Why do I have to endure this…? Why do I have to sacrifice my…? I pondered on a personal question … Read More

Nothing shall be impossible
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General Conference was this weekend :) Elder L. Whitney Clayton shared the story of the enunciation, when Gabriel appeared to Mary. She was “troubled” and “cast in her mind what manner or salutation this should be” (Luke 1:29) (I’m guessing that … Read More

Consigned to happiness
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Yesterday a young lady told me she wasn’t interested in continuing to pursue a relationship with me… I didn’t have a lot invested after only a couple weeks, but the pattern of rarely making it past 2 or 3 dates is … Read More

A tribute to dating survivors
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They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. And yet so many people continue to go on dates… even when it seems insane. My hat is off to you! Those of you who … Read More

Come what may and love it
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Over the past several weeks, I’ve learned a lot about trust, faith, and hope. And my HWN this week was experiencing it in practice. I had a disappointment, and felt sad. For the first time I can remember though, I felt … Read More

Trust in His Love
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I added this quote from President Uchtdorf to a post from a couple weeks ago after the fact, because I felt it fit well with what I wrote. I’m deciding to share it again, because it’s been on my mind quite … Read More

Thy Will Be Done and Happiness
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I wrote a post a few months ago called Thy Will Be Done, and I’ve pondered on this phrase a lot since then. It seems like the phrase “Thy will be done” is often associated with disappointment. It’s like we’re … Read More

And Found Laptop :)
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First off… I got my computer! Some kind soul turned it in to UTA lost-and-found, and I was able to pick it up today :) Interestingly, my sense of relief wasn’t as dramatic as I would have thought… My HWN today … Read More

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