Didn’t miss the data
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I’ve enjoyed beautiful Spring weather the last several days :) Last weekend I went with my friend McKay to two national parks — Canyonlands and Arches. (Check out all my photos in this album :) One of my favorite parts was the fact that … Read More

What was I thinking?
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Have you ever asked yourself, “What was I thinking?” Recently, I’ve pondered a suggestion from Elder Holland to avoid this situation: Most people in trouble end up crying, “What was I thinking?” Well, whatever they were thinking, they weren’t thinking of Christ. … Read More

Whom the Lord Loveth he Chasteneth
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I feel like I’ve been chastened by life recently, so I did a study on “chastening” in scripture. I read quite a few verses about being chastened after sin… kind of depressing. Does that mean I’m a sinner? One of the … Read More

NYC, Boston, and Maine
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Today my HWN was finally being able to finish organizing the 354 photos from my trip to NYC, Boston, and Maine — check them out here! I decided against uploading all of them to my blog… thought it might take too long. … Read More

Architecture in Boston
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During my morning break from the conference, I drove to a local lake and enjoyed the view. There’s so much water here! After the conference, my coworker Jennifer and I took a bus into Boston, and enjoyed the sights :) … Read More

Marlborough and Cambridge
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There were several things that I consider HWN from today :) First, that the clerk stayed after at western credit union to help my coworker Jennifer and me get some cash (after about an hour of attempting other ways… It’s … Read More

Discounted Parking
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I loved getting to know the Kell family (my friend Lisa’s family who I strayed with) and New York City this weekend, and it was tough saying goodbye! …even on a rainy day like this one :) I flew to … Read More

Sunday in Manhattan
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Another long day (again pictures/details forthcoming)! And full of great things :) My HWN today was being able to spend about 12 hours in an amazing city with my one of my best friends, McKay :)

New York Love :)
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My Saturday started 21 hours ago with my red-eye flight to JFK. After mapping done on the plane, I woke up to this: Being from the west coast, I’m so used to seeing the sunset over the ocean, do the … Read More

No pants!
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I realized I forgot my slacks when I was on the train up to the airport :/ Fortunately, my HWN today was that I was able to find a solution! (My brother is dropping off a pair of pants with … Read More

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