How do I meet my needs?
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I’ve pondered recently on how I meet my needs… I finished reading The Mayor of Casterbridge today, a book my friend Alyssa told me about several weeks ago. She pointed out some interesting dynamics related to needs and the characters trying … Read More

Unto the least of these
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Yesterday in Sunday School the teacher asked how we’d respond if Christ walked into the classroom — how we’d feel, what we’d think, or what we’d do. I heard HWN while pondering this question… I imagined feeling awe, respect, love, … Read More

Don’t wait until it’s dirty
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Tuesday evening I got to help with cleaning the Provo City Center temple. I was impressed with how thorough we were instructed to clean, considering it’s cleaned to the same extent every day! One of my ward members commented on … Read More

Missionary Joy
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I’ll go backwards in this post, and first share some highlights… Tuesday I did an escape room for a friend’s birthday party :) And Saturday, I did everything! Volunteered with the Magic Yarn Project, got lunch with long-time friends, walked the … Read More

People I love
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This last week was full of people I love :) Last week I traveled to Washington state for thanksgiving. I met my parents, siblings (those who were able to make it), aunts, uncles, and cousins there! A couple highlights were … Read More

Surprised by service
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A lot of things in this world, and in the society I live in make me sad… This week though, I heard HWN twice through service that surprised me. On Tuesday, after grabbing a sandwich at a deli, I gave the remaining half … Read More

Why Giving Matters
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For the past week, I’ve had the principles from Arthur C. Brooks 2009 speech at BYU entitled Why Giving Matters on my mind. He shared how decades of research trying to prove that you have to have before you give actually … Read More

Serving mom
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Right after pulling up my blog tonight, my mom called asking for help with my brother’s missionary blog. My HWN today was the opportunity to help her learn :) Especially where she has served me so much in my life :)

Marlborough and Cambridge
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There were several things that I consider HWN from today :) First, that the clerk stayed after at western credit union to help my coworker Jennifer and me get some cash (after about an hour of attempting other ways… It’s … Read More

No pants!
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I realized I forgot my slacks when I was on the train up to the airport :/ Fortunately, my HWN today was that I was able to find a solution! (My brother is dropping off a pair of pants with … Read More

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