After the trial…
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I’ve been praying for hope and faith… and I wasn’t surprised when it became hard to have hope and faith. I think this is frequently how prayers are answered, and I’ve started to expect it. Expecting it also helps me recognize and … Read More

Cheerfully and with Patience
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This week I read about Alma the elder and the people in the land of Helam. They were unfortunately discovered and conquered by the Lamanites, and Amulon took control of the city. He was unkind to say the least… Amulon … Read More

Faith isn’t faith until…
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This quote came to mind while pondering over the last week… “Faith isn’t faith until you have no more left to give.” Elder Holland shared this when he visited my mission back about 10 years ago, and I’ve thought about … Read More

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First some context for my post… countertransference is: “the emotional reaction of the analyst to the subject’s contribution” (google) or “complex feelings of a psychotherapist toward the patient” (Merriam-Webster). It’s how I react internally and externally to those I’m working … Read More

Using agency to effect others
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Busy day! Including… going to sacrament and Sunday school in my sister’s ward, eating lunch, my 3-hour church meeting, dinner at a family friend’s, second dinner at another friend’s waffle party, home teaching, and then games night with my cousins :) … Read More

Hold on thy Way
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I listened to Hold on Thy Way by Elder Koichi Aoyagi on my way to work today. Among other things, his quote from Elder Eyring stuck out to me: “The test a loving God has set before us is not to see … Read More

Fortune and Misfortune
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Serendipity brought Jay and I together at the Draper FrontRunner Station today :) Our first time catching up since finishing the MSW program in 2013! Later this evening I met my mom and two sisters for dinner at Pizza Factory … Read More

Lessons from a broken ankle
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My cousin Sean shared with me today what he learned from having broken his ankle in three places and needing surgery with screws and a metal plate. He’s current in recovery in a wheel chair most of the time. Life lessons he … Read More

Midnight service
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This morning about 1:45 am, my roommate Jeff woke me up, asking if I’d be willing to help out another of our roommates, John. His car had broken down about a half hour outside of Provo. Forty five minutes later, … Read More

It was the load
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Unmet expectations often lead to frustration… This morning, I planed to finish several things before work, beginning with a hair cut. I checked in online and arrived early, but the system mistakenly allowed 2 appointments at the same time :( The other person had … Read More