Nothing shall be impossible
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General Conference was this weekend :) Elder L. Whitney Clayton shared the story of the enunciation, when Gabriel appeared to Mary. She was “troubled” and “cast in her mind what manner or salutation this should be” (Luke 1:29) (I’m guessing that … Read More

72 degrees and sunny
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I woke up at 4:50 AM to make it to the 5:40 endowment session this morning. That’s probably only the second time I’ve done a session that early in my life! It was a nice way to start the day … Read More

Mission reunion again?!?
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My dad called it a tender mercy that I ran into President and Sister Thompson in the Salt Lake Temple today (my HWN), and I agree :) Particularly after seeing the Barbers yesterday as well! Two mission president in two … Read More

Hamburg Mission Reunion
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My first mission president and his wife were in town and planned a mission reunion. I it was nice to see old friends and faces :) I heard HWN in particular when President Barber shared his testimony. He shared a … Read More

Miracles for my life?
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My institute teacher referenced the story of Christ raising the daughter of Jairus tonight. Jairus first asked Christ to heal his daughter: My little daughter lieth at the point of death: I pray thee, come and lay thy hands on her, … Read More

My mission statement
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I wrote a personal mission statement today. Here’s my current draft :) I am a son of heavenly and earthly parents, a brother, and a friend. I value relationships, genuineness, passion, and faith. I realize my dreams through grace, prayerful … Read More

As clean as the temple
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I was able to volunteer in the Provo City Center Temple open house tonight, and serve in the wheel chair area — among other things, this allowed me to push a guest through the temple and enjoy the tour myself at … Read More

Goodbye Jeremy, and a father’s blessing
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Jeremy went into the MTC today!!! We will miss him, and we’re excited for his adventures and successes! Before he went into the MTC, I got to have spend time with him and my family — it was a very … Read More

Evening with family
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Another late night, but with events worth staying up for :) My family surprised me by showing up at my work right at the end of my shift, and they got to meet some of my coworkers :) We went … Read More

Mother’s service
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Today was relaxing… starting with waking up in a comfortable bed (which I forgot to mention yesterday, my mom washed the sheets and made the bed for me last night). I played some games with family and friends, watched Santa Conquers … Read More

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