Thanks from a 30-year-old single guy
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“What’s wrong with him?” …sometimes seems to be what people think who find out I’m still single at 30 — especially in the state with the youngest average first-marriage age in the country. “Here’s what you can do to fix yourself…?” … Read More

Worthy of my suffering
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The best choices in life often bring the highest risk of suffering Such as the choice to open my heart. Particularly when chances seem slim. When I know my agency only marginally influences the outcome… because the outcome is determined by someone else’s. … Read More

Unto the least of these
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Yesterday in Sunday School the teacher asked how we’d respond if Christ walked into the classroom — how we’d feel, what we’d think, or what we’d do. I heard HWN while pondering this question… I imagined feeling awe, respect, love, … Read More

Consigned to happiness
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Yesterday a young lady told me she wasn’t interested in continuing to pursue a relationship with me… I didn’t have a lot invested after only a couple weeks, but the pattern of rarely making it past 2 or 3 dates is … Read More

Dear Valentine
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I wish you could see yourself always as I see you right now. I love when you tell stories, even though you think you’re boring. I love when you dance, even though you feel awkward. I love when you sing, even … Read More

Whom the Lord Loveth he Chasteneth
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I feel like I’ve been chastened by life recently, so I did a study on “chastening” in scripture. I read quite a few verses about being chastened after sin… kind of depressing. Does that mean I’m a sinner? One of the … Read More

How we respond to His love
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This week I pondered more on love… how I experience it, and how I can express it towards others. One of my experiences with HWN this week came during Elder Christofferson’s general conference talk, “Abide in my Love,” yesterday afternoon. … Read More

My strength is made perfect in weakness
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Some of my HWN this week was pondering on the idea this week that God’s strength is made perfect in weakness. Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 about a “thorn in the flesh,” or weakness he had. He asked God three times to … Read More

Thy will be done
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I’ve been blessed this week with a greater understanding of what it means to wait upon the Lord and to want His will to be done. A quote from Elder Hales helps express some of it: “Tests and trials are … Read More

The Creation and Love
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Jennifer and I went to the Boston Temple today :) In the temple we learn about the creation, and I heard HWN today while pondering on Heavenly Father creating His Children, Adam and Eve, last. I felt some of His … Read More

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