Thanks from a 30-year-old single guy
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“What’s wrong with him?” …sometimes seems to be what people think who find out I’m still single at 30 — especially in the state with the youngest average first-marriage age in the country. “Here’s what you can do to fix yourself…?” … Read More

His way
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There are so many ways I try to find happiness. Many bring temporary happiness, and some bring lasting joy :) My HWN recently has been pondering on Christ as the way to happiness :) A few days ago, this sentence stuck … Read More

Consigned to happiness
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Yesterday a young lady told me she wasn’t interested in continuing to pursue a relationship with me… I didn’t have a lot invested after only a couple weeks, but the pattern of rarely making it past 2 or 3 dates is … Read More

Come what may and love it
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Over the past several weeks, I’ve learned a lot about trust, faith, and hope. And my HWN this week was experiencing it in practice. I had a disappointment, and felt sad. For the first time I can remember though, I felt … Read More

Thy Will Be Done and Happiness
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I wrote a post a few months ago called Thy Will Be Done, and I’ve pondered on this phrase a lot since then. It seems like the phrase “Thy will be done” is often associated with disappointment. It’s like we’re … Read More

The Strike (live) and happiness
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The concert ended a couple hours ago, and my ears are still ringing! I did a group date to The Strike at The Velour — a fun way to end the long weekend :) They had Mimi Knowles open for them, and … Read More

Singing in the Rain
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My stake president showed this clip during Stake Conference today, and he invited us to “sing in the rain.” It’s hard not to smile watching that :) And I think it’s possible for us to develop this type of attitude … Read More

The happy life
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I read a quote from President Monson today: “The happy life is not ushered in at any age to the sound of drums and trumpets. It grows upon us year by year, little by little, until at last we realize … Read More

Joy needs sorrow
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After days of increasing pain, my roommate Paul finally went to an emergency dentist yesterday.  He came back after an unexpected root canal.  Today he mentioned, “I feel great!”  Although his pain level is still pretty high, “in comparison to … Read More

Graden + Kaylen 2015
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From sealing, to luncheon, to reception, this was a great day :) I heard HWN today in the sealing and true happiness of these two friends!  

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