Nothing is smaller than nothing
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My HWN recently has been in reminders of my own “nothingness” — something I also wrote about a couple years ago. There is so much we can’t control! I spent two weeks in Houston and saw so much devastation caused by a flood… … Read More

The refiner’s fire
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My recent HWN has been reflecting on the refining power of grief and sorrow. Elder Quinton L. Cook said: “The refiner’s fire is real, and qualities of character and righteousness that are forged in the furnace of affliction perfect and purify us and … Read More

Pleasing Him
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I want to please Heavenly Father. When Spencer W. Kimball was young he made up his mind that “the thing I wanted to do was to please my Heavenly Father.” I want to do that too. I’ve committed to it … Read More

How do I meet my needs?
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I’ve pondered recently on how I meet my needs… I finished reading The Mayor of Casterbridge today, a book my friend Alyssa told me about several weeks ago. She pointed out some interesting dynamics related to needs and the characters trying … Read More

Spiritual Sensitivity
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I’ve been on some emotional roller coasters the past couple weeks …or perhaps a passenger on other people’s roller coasters. My sister ended up in the hospital about a week and a half ago due to a blood clot in … Read More

I don’t have to be strong
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My HWN recently has been pondering on the strength I get from Christ. I talked with some friends recently about vulnerability and being okay with weaknesses. We read some verses where Paul seems to be talking about this. He referenced a weakness … Read More

What was I thinking?
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Have you ever asked yourself, “What was I thinking?” Recently, I’ve pondered a suggestion from Elder Holland to avoid this situation: Most people in trouble end up crying, “What was I thinking?” Well, whatever they were thinking, they weren’t thinking of Christ. … Read More

Don’t wait until it’s dirty
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Tuesday evening I got to help with cleaning the Provo City Center temple. I was impressed with how thorough we were instructed to clean, considering it’s cleaned to the same extent every day! One of my ward members commented on … Read More

Missionary Joy
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I’ll go backwards in this post, and first share some highlights… Tuesday I did an escape room for a friend’s birthday party :) And Saturday, I did everything! Volunteered with the Magic Yarn Project, got lunch with long-time friends, walked the … Read More

Whom the Lord Loveth he Chasteneth
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I feel like I’ve been chastened by life recently, so I did a study on “chastening” in scripture. I read quite a few verses about being chastened after sin… kind of depressing. Does that mean I’m a sinner? One of the … Read More

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