Unto the least of these
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Yesterday in Sunday School the teacher asked how we’d respond if Christ walked into the classroom — how we’d feel, what we’d think, or what we’d do. I heard HWN while pondering this question… I imagined feeling awe, respect, love, … Read More

Missionary Joy
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I’ll go backwards in this post, and first share some highlights… Tuesday I did an escape room for a friend’s birthday party :) And Saturday, I did everything! Volunteered with the Magic Yarn Project, got lunch with long-time friends, walked the … Read More

True Greatness
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In priesthood today, I heard HWN as we reviewed True Greatness (chapter 11 from the Howard w. Hunter Teachings of the Living Prophets manual). President Hunter asked: “What is true greatness? What is it that makes a person great?” We discussed this question … Read More

Clarity and Empathy
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At times, I struggle with being critical of teachers or at during church. When I felt this today, the Spirit reminded me of my presentation I gave at a conference on Friday… where I was nervous and disorganized at times. If I … Read More

It is the small things
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I attended church in a family friend’s ward today. Starla, who taught my mother the gospel 30 years ago, introduced me to Bruce C. Hafen, who was the area president when I began my mission in Germany. He was recently given an … Read More

Wives, submit yourselves unto your husbands
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Provocative title, right? Well, I think that scripture can easily be misused… Quoting Christ from Ephesians 5:22-25:  Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.  For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ … Read More

Farewell Jeremy!
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When Jeremy and I left for church this morning, we realized we had the same socks on :) and then both changed after church into jeans and the same shirt as well! Jeremy gave his farewell talk today, and I … Read More

Like clay on the potter’s wheel
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I visited a family friend’s ward today, where she performed in the Christmas musical program. I noticed the choir conductor had one of the choir members (quite inconveniently) reaching around from behind the stand to turn the music pages… “That seems … Read More

Good to be back
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I heard HWN today through spending time with my roommate, siblings, and friends here in Provo today :) I got to attend Danny’s ward as he gave a talk on decision making, attend my own ward (for the 3rd time … Read More

A house of God
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Most of my day was spent at the ATSA conference (the actual reason I’m in Montreal), learning about measurement tools for risk of recidivism — this will be very helpful indeed! Somewhere in the day, I found an hour for a … Read More

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