He hath heard the prayers of His people
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The last week or so I’ve had an opportunity to practice patience as I’m waiting to hear back on some news. Waiting is tough! My HWN has been the hope and confidence I’ve felt. This comes in large part from the prayers … Read More

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Today was quite productive — at work and afterwards. With lots to do, I prayed for help and heard HWN in my ability to focus :) p.s. Even late at night, it’s good to see the flowers blooming for Spring!  

Two voices
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I heard HWN today in a voice of hope :) I went on an early evening walk in the beautiful Spring weather, and pondered my present feelings. I noticed two internal voices — one full of “too” (Your too old), “should” … Read More

Greatest Happiness Possbile
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Today I was praying and pondering about some of my goals, and how to reach them. I heard HWN today in an answer from the October 2015 general conference. President Monson taught: God’s commandments are not given to frustrate us … Read More

Answers to questions
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I got to attend the Provo City Center Temple dedication today, and had an interesting experience looking for an answer to a prayer. It was interesting because the answer came only after I decided what my question was. That’s kind … Read More

It is the small things
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I attended church in a family friend’s ward today. Starla, who taught my mother the gospel 30 years ago, introduced me to Bruce C. Hafen, who was the area president when I began my mission in Germany. He was recently given an … Read More

Prayer, and the missing key(s)
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I locked my bedroom door for the first time, and came home to find out that my bedroom key doesn’t work. I checked with my roommate, Nathan, to see if our keys were switched somehow… and he realized that his … Read More

The Magician’s Nephew
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I finished the Harry Potter audio books last week, and chose Narnia as my next adventure :) With my time in commute each day, I already finished the first book: The Magician’s Nephew. This time through, I enjoyed (my HWN today) … Read More

Choosing service and Seeing answers
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Sometimes I pray for help in dating… Frequently actually. This evening was one of those times. I prayed for help before going to BYU’s family history center for a couple hours, and what happens when I get there? A girl comes … Read More

Better than my best
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This morning I recorded a 10-minute clip on pornography for Mormon Radio, and I was quite nervous going into the studio. Even my best private rehearsals beforehand seemed inadequate, and my main comfort came from knowing that the show wasn’t live — there … Read More

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