Thanks from a 30-year-old single guy
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“What’s wrong with him?” …sometimes seems to be what people think who find out I’m still single at 30 — especially in the state with the youngest average first-marriage age in the country. “Here’s what you can do to fix yourself…?” … Read More

Walk in Christ’s light
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The last few weeks have felt like a blur… With ups and downs in mine and the lives of people around me… increased work load, health difficulties, relationship struggles, and loved one’s passing away. On top of that, recent natural … Read More

Nothing is smaller than nothing
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My HWN recently has been in reminders of my own “nothingness” — something I also wrote about a couple years ago. There is so much we can’t control! I spent two weeks in Houston and saw so much devastation caused by a flood… … Read More

Quotes from Houston
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What’s it like? I’ve been in Houston for 10 days to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. I got to volunteer through LDS Charities with American Red Cross on the disaster mental health team. You can check out my … Read More

The refiner’s fire
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My recent HWN has been reflecting on the refining power of grief and sorrow. Elder Quinton L. Cook said: “The refiner’s fire is real, and qualities of character and righteousness that are forged in the furnace of affliction perfect and purify us and … Read More

Pleasing Him
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I want to please Heavenly Father. When Spencer W. Kimball was young he made up his mind that “the thing I wanted to do was to please my Heavenly Father.” I want to do that too. I’ve committed to it … Read More

Did God set me up for sorrow?
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Some paths I’ve taken in life with a confirmation that Heavenly Father supports me :) and some of those paths have led to sorrow :( I experienced that recently in a way that made me ask… Did Heavenly Father guide me … Read More

How do I meet my needs?
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I’ve pondered recently on how I meet my needs… I finished reading The Mayor of Casterbridge today, a book my friend Alyssa told me about several weeks ago. She pointed out some interesting dynamics related to needs and the characters trying … Read More

What can I sacrifice?
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Sometimes I’m blessed with a confirmation through the Holy Spirit that Heavenly Father is happy with me :) I sought for and felt that this week (my HWN). I think this knowledge is a wonderful and necessary part of life. In … Read More

Spiritual Sensitivity
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I’ve been on some emotional roller coasters the past couple weeks …or perhaps a passenger on other people’s roller coasters. My sister ended up in the hospital about a week and a half ago due to a blood clot in … Read More

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